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  • Dead Works

    Salvation is no easy feat for man. In fact, it is impossible for man to save himself. It is a work only God can do. But that begs the question, why. Why is it so hard for man to be saved? Why is it impossible for man to save himself? John and Chuck dissect the sermon The Righteous are Scarcely Sa...

  • Divine Love

    "God loves you." That statement, divorced of the knowledge of the character of God or depth of man's depravity, is empty. But after spending time learning who God is and seeing Him as He presents Himself in Scripture, and contrasting His pure holiness to our rebellion and wickedness, it has an in...

  • The Atonement

    When it comes to the atonement of Christ's death, we are again presented with the importance of grasping the bigness of God, our sin, and His love. But what is the atonement and how can the death of one man atone for all the sins of every Christian in history? These are weighty questions deservin...