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17 Reasons Death Should Make You Happy

Season 1, Episode 7 • 28m

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  • Infused vs. Imputed

    Todd meets Drew, a Southern Baptist working with a Methodist organization to bring the Gospel to students. Todd also meets Ashanti, a student at KSU who grew up Catholic but now calls herself a Christian.

  • The Dangers Of Watered-Down Preaching

    You are being robbed of good, expository preaching. The consequences of watered-down preaching. Watered-down preaching cripples corporate worship. It severs the preacher from the sanctifying work of the Word.

  • Who’s Your Favorite Pastor?

    Anonymous was baptized by a woman whom he later found out had unbiblical views. Should he be baptized again? Joshua asks if God gets upset with us. Mary asks how to respond to someone who says Christianity has pagan origins?