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Barnabas+ is your go-to source for uplifting and inspiring Christian content, including films, animations, documentaries, and more. Available on smartphones, the web, and your TV, you can enjoy our selection of Gospel-centered content anytime, anywhere, and with no monthly subscription or advertising. Stay engaged with your faith and discover new Christian stories every month as we constantly update our programming. Experience the joy and hope of the Gospel with Barnabas+ – the ultimate streaming service for you and your family.

Inspiring accounts of faith overcoming adversity

Barnabas+ Originals bring you powerful and uplifting stories of real-life Christians who have faced adversity and overcome it with the help of their faith. From persecution to disease and natural disasters, these individuals have found the strength and resilience to keep going through the power of the Lord. Come and be inspired by these incredible stories of perseverance and triumph. Hear how Christians have overcome their circumstances and learn from their examples of unwavering faith.

Watch high-quality Christian content anytime, anywhere with Barnabas+

With Barnabas+, you can access high-quality Christian content anytime, anywhere. Simply sign in with your Barnabas+ account and start watching instantly on our website. Whether you're on a personal computer or another device with an internet connection, you can enjoy our programming at your convenience. The Barnabas+ app is available on a wide range of devices including smart TVs, tablets, smartphones, streaming media players, and game consoles, so you can watch on the device that works best for you. Take your faith with you wherever you go with Barnabas+ on-demand Christian content.

Sharing your faith: The power of your Christian testimony with Barnabas+

Sharing your faith and testimony with others through Barnabas+ is a powerful way to spread the message of hope and love. By sharing your own story, you can inspire others to strengthen their own faith, and provide a valuable source of encouragement and support to those who may be struggling. Additionally, by sharing your faith and testimony, you can help to build a community of believers who can support and encourage one another in their faith journeys. With Barnabas+, you have a platform to share your story and reach a wide audience, making a difference in the lives of others through the power of your testimony.

Barnabas Aid: providing resources to encourage and comfort suffering Christians

Barnabas Aid is a Christian Charity that supports Christians who are suffering for their faith around the world. By providing media content that strengthens, encourages and comforts believers, Barnabas Aid aims to build up the faith of Christians for the trials that lie ahead. With the help of Barnabas Aid, Christians can grow in faith and find the encouragement they need to persevere through difficult times and emerge victorious in Christ.

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