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  • Manuela - The Terror of ISIS

    "Manuela - The terror of ISIS" is a moving short documentary following the journey of Manuela and her mother, Mariam; both Iraqi believers who escape the hostile presence of Islamic extremists. Fleeing to Jordan, they encounter the generosity of the churches who welcome them with open arms.


  • Samim - I Found Jesus in Afghanistan

    Samim, a 25-year-old pharmacist from Afghanistan, questions his Islamic faith and learns about Jesus as the Son of God through a Christian Facebook page. He finds a mentor online who sends him a digital Bible, and although the path is not easy, Samim becomes a Christian. The Taliban's takeover of...


  • This is Unsettling, Even for Me...

    Did this Doctor convince you that it's the worst punishment in history?

  • Maurice and Martha - Persecuted but Not Abandoned

    Now in their later years, missionaries Maurice and Martha recount their incredible lives serving our Lord Jesus Christ. Humble and heart-warming, their account is an encouraging reminder to carry out the Great Commission.

    To learn more about the work of Barnabas Aid, please visit www.barnabasai...

  • Special Episode: Behold Your God: Rethinking God Biblically

    This week we want to highlight our first 12-week study, Behold Your God: Rethinking God Biblically. This is session one: Beholding God: The Great Attraction. In this session, John is in Chicago, Illinois to introduce A. W. Tozer.

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  • The Son of Man

    The Son of Man presents the life and ministry of Jesus. It proclaims God’s Good News that brings peace, hope, and wholeness by showing that Jesus is all-powerful and is alive today. Viewers will see how the Good News brings God’s Kingdom and the sacrifice of Jesus together, which explains the pur...

  • Vangai - Where Is My Face?

    The gut-wrenching story of Vangai (alias), a devout Muslim woman, who becomes the victim of a brutal acid attack from her own husband.

    Vangai knows her attacker will stop at nothing to silence her, even taking her life if necessary. With the Taliban rising to power and her husband's imminent re...

  • Something Terrifying Just Happened on Sinai...

    Do you agree he is the worst mocker in human history?

  • Divine - Hope for Zimbabwe

    Divine, an 8-year-old orphan from Zimbabwe living with his grandmother and two brothers, finds his hope in Jesus Christ. In the midst of economic despair, drought, and famine, he experiences God's love.


    You can learn more about the work of Barnabas Aid and the different projects they de...

  • Our Wonderful World - Super Senses

    Inspired by the publication Our World from Creation Resources Trust, available to download from http://crt.org.uk

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  • Roots

    We are one
    Born of dirt
    Rooted in earth
    Outstretched limbs
    Like the wings of birds
    Seeking skies,
    Eyes of our hearts enlightened
    Lives brightened by resurrection
    Light, infiltrating every corner
    Of desperation, despair and strife

    We are one
    Many branches
    one body
    Reaching into darkness,

  • The Gospel of John 19:4-37

    The Gospel of John is a word-for-word portrayal of the biblical text. This profound film sheds new light on one of history's most sacred texts. Beautifully shot and informed by the latest theological, historical, and archaeological research, this film is something to be enjoyed and treasured.


  • Total Depravity

    This week, we look at the Law of God in a sermon by Samuel Hopkins. Hopkins was born in 1721 in America. He was interested in farming but ended up attending Yale and studying with Jonathan Edwards. He was used by God as a pastor in Connecticut and later in Rhode Island, where a revival began one ...

  • Open the Eyes of My Heart

  • Hope Of The Nations

  • Wow

    Joe Kirby from Off The Kirb Ministries preaching on the Gospel of free grace, how Jesus Christ takes our punishment but imputes His righteousness into our account.

  • What Saudi Arabia Announced Has Just Stunned the Entire World

    Saudi Arabia Has Begun construction on the Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman's Neom project. Progress is already being made on Saudi Arabia's linear city The Line and also its first ski resort called Trojena. Neom's other mega city projects include Riyadh's Cube skyscraper called the Mukaab, Sinda...

  • Persecution

    Barnabas Aid team members came together to consider some of the uncomfortable trials that our persecuted brothers and sisters face every day.

    To learn more about the work of Barnabas Aid, please visit www.barnabasaid.org

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