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Up Next in Great Biblical Doctrines

  • The Sacraments

    In this sermon on sacraments, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones begins a series on the sacraments and their place in the lives of believers. This topic provokes many different views but as Dr. Lloyd-Jones says, keeping these practices is one of the ways that believers receive God’s grace. Protestants have h...

  • The Second Coming - An Introduction

    In this sermon on the Second Coming, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones preaches a message on the second coming of Jesus Christ. There is much confusion over what the second coming refers to, and some argue about its timing. Did the second coming happen at Pentecost? Did it happen when the temple was destroy...

  • Daniel 9

    Daniel 9 is vital to the Christian understanding of events. However, due to its difficult nature, many Christians interpret it incorrectly or stay away from it all-together. Yet, God placed it in His word for a reason. In this sermon titled “The Interpretation of Daniel 9,” Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones...