Martyn Lloyd Jones

Martyn Lloyd Jones

3 Seasons

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Martyn Lloyd Jones
  • Daniel 9

    Episode 1

    Daniel 9 is vital to the Christian understanding of events. However, due to its difficult nature, many Christians interpret it incorrectly or stay away from it all-together. Yet, God placed it in His word for a reason. In this sermon titled “The Interpretation of Daniel 9,” Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones...

  • Daniel 9 and the Secret Rapture

    Episode 2

    In this sermon, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones focuses on Daniel 9 as a passage frequently used in the discussion of the end-times, yet the language it employs is often mysterious and open to debate over its meaning. At the center of the debates are verses 24–27 which refer to various weeks that the even...

  • God's Plan for the Jews

    Episode 3

    But what happens? Will all of Israel be saved? Will Jesus come at any time, or are there signs that will precede His coming? In this sermon on God’s plan for the Jews, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones begins with a warning against being overly-dogmatic on views of the end times since Scripture itself is so...

  • The Time of His Coming - The Signs

    Episode 4

    Does Scripture even allow the opportunity of discerning precisely when He will return again? In this sermon on the timing of Christ's return, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones answers these questions and more, contending that it is useless for Christians to debate the exact date and time of His coming since...