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Martyn Lloyd Jones

Character of the Message

Season 2, Episode 8 • 57m

Up Next in Sermons: Preaching and Preachers

  • Preparation of the Preacher

    A minister is a man who is always preparing; he never frees himself from his calling because everything he does finds relevance to his work. How then does a preacher organize his life in light of this reality? What are some practices that will aid the minster in his preparation for preaching? Th...

  • Preparation of The Sermon

    Congregations can understand and sympathize with the sheer weight of this task. Often, however, what is missed by Christian laypeople is the mental labor of sermon preparation from which faithful sermons emerge. The Christian minister is overwhelmed with decisions during this time that he may not...

  • Shape of the Sermon

    The shape of the sermon should reflect the goal of any sermon. The shape is to show the original context, the meaning of a passage, and apply it to life today. In this sermon titled “Shape of the Sermon,” Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones discusses outlines, the main points of a sermon, the place and import...