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Martyn Lloyd Jones

Illustrations, Eloquence, and Humor in Preaching

Season 2, Episode 12 • 54m

Up Next in Sermons: Preaching and Preachers

  • What to Avoid in Preaching

    These things creep into the preaching ministry and detract the man from his work. In this sermon titled “What to Avoid,” Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones continues his lectures on preaching and preachers and begins with a few observations on radio preaching. As this grew in popularity during his day, the r...

  • Decisions

    Regarding music, Dr. Lloyd-Jones is concerned that congregations are opting for more special singing, quartets, and choirs, and focusing less on the preaching ministry. The more a church is focused on her building, ceremony, special singing and music, the less the church experiences a robust and ...

  • Pifalls and Romance of Preaching

    Is it ever appropriate for a preacher to preach another person’s sermon? In this sermon titled “Pitfalls and Romance,” these questions are handled as Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones lectures under the topic of preaching and preachers. A sermon takes on a personality of its own. As the preacher comes to kn...