• Barnabas Aid - Soldier of Faith (Official Music Video)

    Barnabas Aid - Soldier of Faith (Official Music Video)

    Welcome to the official music video for "Soldier of Faith," a powerful worship song inspired by the resilience and courage of suffering persecuted Christians worldwide. 🌍🙏

    🎶 About the Song:
    "Soldier of Faith" is a heartfelt anthem that cont...

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    Have you ever felt it was a 'now-or-never' moment to start something? In 2017 I felt ‘I have to do something with this.’ Even though I was a wife and mum, with a fulfilled life, and I'd led worship for years in church, I knew that there was still a big part that was missing. I had always dreamed ...

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    Awesome Cutlery exists to help families worship Jesus together!

  • Roots

    We are one
    Born of dirt
    Rooted in earth
    Outstretched limbs
    Like the wings of birds
    Seeking skies,
    Eyes of our hearts enlightened
    Lives brightened by resurrection
    Light, infiltrating every corner
    Of desperation, despair and strife

    We are one
    Many branches
    one body
    Reaching into darkness,