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  • Perseverance of the Saints

    William Tennent, Jr. (1705-1777) was the son of William Tennent I, a 17th-century pastor in America and founder of the Log College. Early in life, William Tennent, Jr. was deeply impressed with a sense of divine things and soon determined to devote his life to the ministry of the gospel. He serve...

  • Sanctification

    In this inaugural episode of The Whole Counsel (previously The Behold Your God Podcast) John introduces several of the changes to the podcast. We are in a new location, we have a new co-host (welcome Chuck Baggett) and we have a new sound. But lots of things are staying the same. We are still dis...

  • Divine Retribution

    This week, John and Chuck are back with the series on Salvation in Full Color, looking at a sermon on divine retribution by Jonathan Edwards. It’s an extraordinary kindness that, if all of humanity is heading into judgment, we are given a warning in time to turn away from this end! The One who gi...