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  • Death and Immortality

    Everyone lives forever. But what happens and how does it happen? For many years, people had lost curiosity about the study of these questions because the world was so comfortable. And then World Wars I and II occurred, shattering people’s confidence and security in the things the world had to off...

  • The Lord's Supper

    In this sermon on the Lord’s Supper, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones concludes his series of sermons on the sacraments with this message, focusing specifically on communion. Like baptism, communion is a sign to the recipient of God’s work in the believer, and also a reminder of the seal of the Holy Spirit...

  • The Second Coming - An Introduction

    When will Jesus return and how will anyone recognize the second coming of Christ? In this sermon on the Second Coming, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones preaches a message on the second coming of Jesus Christ. There is much confusion over what the second coming refers to, and some argue about its timing. Di...