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Martyn Lloyd Jones

The Preterist and Futurist Views

Season 1, Episode 5 • 45m

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  • The Suffering and Safety of the Redeemed

    Symbolism is a regular part of life. Symbolism and pictures are used in language every day in order to help people better understand what they are trying to say. In this sermon titled “The Suffering and the Safety of the Redeemed,” Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones helps the listener better understand symbo...

  • The Spiritual Historicist View

    How should one read the book of Revelation? Many do not even attempt to read it because it is confusing. In this sermon on the spiritual, historicist view, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones contends that the book of Revelation is not meant to confuse the reader, but just the opposite. Revelation is meant to...

  • The Trumpets

    Why are they in the book? How can their teaching be applied today? In this sermon on the trumpets, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones teaches more about these symbols from the book of Revelation. He notes that the trumpets afflict only one-third of their objects. This is contrary to the seals of Revelation, ...