Wretched TV

Wretched TV

10 Episodes

Wretched is a television and radio program hosted by Todd Friel. You can expect to see and hear live evangelism, discussions on theology and much much more. You might even get a laugh or two.

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Wretched TV
  • The Process of Dying

  • God is Not Sergeant Carter

    Episode 4

    Gospel Sabatoogy can cause an imbalance in the Christian walk. Remembering every part of the Gospel is a key component of our faith. Todd shares a list by Byron Yawn, so we can understand that our motivation to not commit Gospel Sabatoogy is the Gospel itself.

  • Parents and Adult Children

    Episode 2

    Todd shares slides from Wayne Mack that addresses the dynamics between in-laws. The Bible provides plenty of guidelines, rules, and commands for relationships.

  • Are God and Evil One?

    Episode 6

    How do we resolve the tension between God's sovereignty and the evil of the world? Slides from Peter Sammons about Reprobation and God's sovereignty. God's authority is all-inclusive. He is sovereign over the "big" issues of history and every minute detail of an individual's life.

  • Is God a Lonely Boyfriend?

    Episode 5

    Tyler asks if Todd ever says "context" without first saying context. Paul asks how Christians are to view the troubling statements made by Martin Luther later in his life. Brady asks how a Christian can know if they are spiritually mature enough for dating.

  • 17 Reasons Death Should Make You Happy

    Episode 7

    Todd shares more wisdom from Nicholas Blyfield about death. Death is the end of our painful journey with sin. It is sleep for the weary laborer.

  • Infused vs. Imputed

    Episode 8

    Todd meets Drew, a Southern Baptist working with a Methodist organization to bring the Gospel to students. Todd also meets Ashanti, a student at KSU who grew up Catholic but now calls herself a Christian.

  • The Dangers Of Watered-Down Preaching

    Episode 9

    You are being robbed of good, expository preaching. The consequences of watered-down preaching. Watered-down preaching cripples corporate worship. It severs the preacher from the sanctifying work of the Word.

  • Who’s Your Favorite Pastor?

    Episode 10

    Anonymous was baptized by a woman whom he later found out had unbiblical views. Should he be baptized again? Joshua asks if God gets upset with us. Mary asks how to respond to someone who says Christianity has pagan origins?

  • What Does It Mean To Be Born Again?

    In today's episode, Todd sits down with Michael, a student studying business and finance, in hopes of taking care of his family and future generations. Todd asks what worldview drives his way of thinking.