Wretched TV

Wretched TV

10 Episodes

Wretched is a television and radio program hosted by Todd Friel. You can expect to see and hear live evangelism, discussions on theology and much much more. You might even get a laugh or two.

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Wretched TV
  • You Want Justice?

    Episode 1

    Todd shares Road Trip to Truth clips from an episode on justice. John speaks with students and explains God's justice. John speaks with Nate Pickowicz about God's justice, and asks students about morality being objective or subjective.

  • Criteria for Church Membership

    Episode 2

    On this Twitter Tuesday, Todd reads some biblically solid and pithy tweets from Alistair Begg, ACBC, and Charles Spurgeon.

  • Evangelicals and Catholics are NOT Together

    Episode 3

    Todd introduces us to a college student named Stephanie, who happens to be Roman Catholic. Many believe this is similar to evangelicals and it is not, as Todd explains that we still need to evangelize to them.

  • Paralyzed by Fear

    Episode 4

    Fear can be good or sinful, but in Katie's case it was bad. Katie got Biblical counseling on our latest show, Transformed. Get an inside look at Katie's life and the reason she is so fearful. Dr. Dale Johnson takes a look at the roots and fruits in Katie's situation.

  • Love Yourself?

    Episode 5

    Steve asks if we should be praying to Jesus or to God, Joe asks if we should regard the pastor's wife as the First Lady of the church, Hope asks how to dive into Scripture without an academic mindset, and Sarah asks about how to respond to "you can't love others unless you love yourself first".

  • The Cure for Loneliness

    Episode 6

    Everyone gets lonely, especially today with the internet around. With isolation in our world today, Christians need to be seeking out their local church, spending time with other believers in community. Let's take a Road Trip to Truth to learn more about this.

  • God Flips the Line

    Episode 7

    Todd reads tweets from ACBC and Tedd Tripp, and Justin Peters. Todd tells stories about Ray Comfort and Jim McMaster, and compares Twitter to a rose garden.

  • Justice, Justice, Justice

    Episode 8

    Todd runs into a young college student on campus, Symia, who is studying criminal justice. Todd takes this and asks about good and bad people, and asks Symia if she believes she is a good person. They discuss about different types of religions, post-modernism, and what the Christian gospel is.

  • A Theology of Suffering

    Episode 9

    Suffering is something everybody goes through. What does the Bible have to say about it? How should the Christian respond when suffering does happen? Taking a look at the Old Testament, Todd notes that suffering has been about since the beginning of time. Todd takes a deep dive into the theology ...

  • Glorify God All Day

    Episode 10

    Todd opens the mailbag from Quinten, who asks about John 2:15 and what it means by the love of the world. Someone else sends in a question to Todd, asking how we can know the difference between doing something right for God and doing something right for ourselves.