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  • Adoption

    God adopting fallen, rebellious humans is one of the most powerful displays of His love. In this very detailed sermon by John Tennent, John and Chuck discuss how human adoption differs from God's adoption and how it applies to every crevice of our lives.

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  • Love to God

    Sewall defines love to God as “a grace of the Spirit whereby we esteem and desire God above all and cleave to Him as to our chief good with holy delight from a spiritual sight of His most amiable perfections, as manifested in His word and works, and in the perfection of our Lord Jesus Christ.” We...

  • Perseverance of the Saints

    William Tennent, Jr. (1705-1777) was the son of William Tennent I, a 17th-century pastor in America and founder of the Log College. Early in life, William Tennent, Jr. was deeply impressed with a sense of divine things and soon determined to devote his life to the ministry of the gospel. He serve...